Part A and Part B

While Medicare consists of multiple parts, there are two parts in particular that you will most likely enroll in first before you are able to join any other Medicare plans. These two parts are Medicare Part A and Part B, also known as Original Medicare.

Part A

Medicare Part A covers the following:

Inpatient hospital care: This is the care you receive after you are admitted into a hospital. Medicare will cover up to 90 days during each benefit period.

Skilled nursing facility care: Medicare will cover up to 100 days each benefit period as long as you have spent at least three days in the hospital within 30 days of admission to a skilled nursing facility.

Home health care: Part B generally covers this, but Part A will also provide coverage if you stayed at least three successive days in the hospital within 14 days of receiving home care.

Hospice care: Medicare will provide coverage as long as your doctor deems it necessary.

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Part B

Medicare Part B covers the following:

✅ X-rays and lab tests

✅ Medically necessary provider services

✅ Home health services

✅ Durable medical equipment

✅ Emergency transportation

✅ Preventative services

✅ Some prescription drugs

How to Enroll in Original Medicare

For some, enrollment in Original Medicare is done automatically. This happens if you are currently getting Social Security benefits. If you are not, you’ll want to enroll in Parts A and/or B when you first become eligible, which will be during your Initial Enrollment Period. 

This period is personalized to you and your 65th birthday. It will start three months before you turn 65 and will end three months after your 65th birthday month. Missing this enrollment period is not recommended as you will have to pay late enrollment penalties for doing so unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period which only happens in certain circumstances. 

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